Activating natural healing power

This fasting- like application mobilises all resources against cancer tumour. It should lead to these conditions to activate natural healing power.

1- Activates survival instinct because of fasting/starving, resisting anything on the way, in this case cancer, threatens survival.

2- According to Dr Hiromi Shinya, 2013, there is something called sleeping recycler enzyme, which wakes up and becomes active during starvation/fasting times. When it becomes active, it recycles damaged proteins, cells and compounds that is not right in the body to support the body to survive. It is highly probable cancer cells become targets of this recycler enzyme.

3- Strict diet restriction creates competition between healthy cells and cancerous cells on survival resources. As the healthy cells are a lot a lot more than cancer cells, they should monopolise all the nutrients absorbed. In this condition, cancer cells may not get anything because even healthy cells don't get survival resources enough.

4-Quote: “the body prioritises the use of scarce micronutrients in favour of short-term survival at the expense of long-term health”.

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The same thing applies on macronutrients. During scarcity, it is logical the body has to use all nutrients, macro and micro, for the short term survival. In this case the resources will be used only to support organs support survival, not cancer cells, which threaten survival.

4- These four conditions should activate natural healing power. Once natural healing power activated, nothing, including cancer, can resist it.

The survival instinct of my wife.

My wife passed away because of cancer. At least four months before she was diagnosed with cancer, I knew something might be happen to her because strangely I was seeing her in my dreams with my dead parents, whom she never had seen. They were buried in Kurdistan, where she had never been. They were already dead when we met in London.

In parallel to that dream, I was seeing another dream or rather a nightmare. I was self-employed removal man and had nice expensive large van. Every night I was dreaming it was stolen and causing me extremely stressed and saddened. It was like the end of the world. In my dream I was reprimanding myself as why I was so worried and stressed. I was telling myself: “Just get insurance and buy another van, that is that”.

Later, unexpectedly she became ill and diagnosed with terminal cancer, which appeared she had for a long time as dormant. After that I realised the meaning of both dreams. The dreams were interpretation of my brain for her survival instinct, natural healing power, struggle to save her because my brain was smelling her dormant disease and the struggle of her survival instinct. The dreams were her natural healing power, crying for help because it couldn't find right conditions to heal her.

If what I know about cancer now, knew it at that time, she would have been alive now today highly probably.