Let any cancer patient to live in a sauna (bath) to recover from cancer

According to a source with 40 year experience; cancer can hit us only when our temperature falls to as low as 35C.  According to another source; cancer creeps or spreads at night. This is not surprising because we are sleeping at night and when we are sleeping our temperature becomes lower because most of our body activities and functions slow down or stop to rest. Simply when our temperature becomes lower, our immune system becomes weaker against cancer. But higher temperature makes our immune system stronger.

Normal human temperature is 37.00 Celsius but when we have fever, for example, our temperature becomes higher to 38.00 Celsius to help our immune system. Higher body temperature makes immune system stronger. Hospital treatment against cancer, mainly involves heating the tumour to kill cancer cells with high tech equipment.

To exploit temperature property against cancer, the temperature of a cancer patient, has to be kept at least 37.00 Celsius or higher always. The temperature of his or her environment, sleeping and sitting rooms, has to be as high as s/he can bear it always days and nights. All the foods s/he eats needs to have a temperature of at least 40.00 Celsius but not over 45.00 Celsius. The water s/he drinks must have a temperature of at least 40 Celsius or as high as s/he can tolerate it. When we come to the food and water, we discuss their temperature further.

The environment like sitting, sleeping and bathroom rooms, of the patient has to be kept at a tolerable high temperature always days and nights. For this, a thermostat-controlled central heating or electric heaters can be used. The bed of the patient also has to be kept warm as high as the patient can tolerate it. Electric blankets and hot water bottles can be used for this purpose. The places, where the patient sits and rests, also need to be kept warm enough to tolerable warmth. Electric blankets and hot water bottles can be used for this purpose. The patient needs to rest always and avoid physical activities except slow and easy walking. If s/he has to go out s/he must wear clothes enough to stop the heat escaping from his/her body.

It is recommended that the patient to have a bath tab in his/her room, which is his/her sitting and sleeping room too. The room and the bath tab needs a temperature control or regulator to keep the temperature high to a tolerable level. The patient can stay or sleep in the bath tab for long hours. The bath tab needs to have head supports to keep the head of the patient always over water especially if he falls asleep in the bath tab.

Before treatment starts, take the weight of the patient while wearing only a bath robe and record it. The patient may sweat a lot especially when s/he stays in the bath tab for long times. Each time the patient comes out of the bath and once each evening, take his/her weight. If his/her weight is less than the weight before treatment, the patient will have to drink an amount of warm water to recover his/her weight before treatment. This is in addition to his/her daily regular water drinking.