Comfort and romantic starve

It is crucial to keep the patient as comfortable as possible physically, emotionally and culturally. Help the patient to have access to social media, listen to music, watch films and involve in a hobby.

How about stimulating the patient romantically but strictly preventing him/her from physical romance to starve him/her romantically. This is to be told in advance so that the patient can understand the purpose and doesn't become stressed.

It is human nature to desire to romance any pretty or handsome opposite sex, for some the same sex. To fulfil this desire they may go too far to the point of risking their life and the life of others. This is an instinct desire, quest, for survival by passing the genes to the next generation.

This desire may be destructive at some conditions but also has a strong potent drive for survival at some other conditions. This drive for survival can become as strong as the opposite driving force behind some people to do anything to get virgins in the next world. Imagine a cancer patient armed with this powerful driving force to survive. It neutralises anything on the way of survival, especially cancer, symptoms and causes.