Something about microflora and coffee enema

Coffee enema doesn't eradicate microflora as some people worried about it. Microflora made up of trillions and trillions of bacteria. Therefore it is impossible to remove all the microflora with coffee enema even a few times a day. After coffee enema they replicate to recover the loss.

There is also some good bacteria in the small intestine. Some of these bacteria also moves towards inside of colon because of nutrient movements and migrating motor complex always. These bacteria also help to recover the loss once they reach inside colon. The appendix, made up of immune tissues and areservoir for beneficial gut bacteria, also comes to the rescue

Migrating motor complex, which happens daily many times on empty stomach, can not remove the tiny amounts of small intestinal microflora. Therefore coffee enema, even more than once a day, can not remove the large amount of microflora in the colon.