How to prepare and cook the fish

The fish to be blended to puree and eaten raw if possible. Otherwise cook it like this procedures:

Use two cooking pans, one is smaller than the other and can go inside the other cooking pan. Boil an amount of water in the smaller pan. Let the water boils for a minute to get rid of all the air inside it. The air has oxygen, which can oxidate the food easily especially during cooking. Pour most of the boiled water into larger pan and put it on the fire immediately. Leave an amount of boiled water about two thirds the size of the fish puree in the smaller pan and put it inside bigger pan. Add fish puree to the smaller pan and stir it for a minute while cooking. Ensure the smaller pan has a long handle. While the water boils in the larger pan, carry the small pan in the larger pan, don't let it touch the base of the large pan.

After a minute, put the fire off and put the smaller pan outside to cool down to a warming temperature. Sea/rock salts and a little low carbohydrate spices my be added. When food temperature reaches warming level, consume all of it, including the juices. Use tea spoon, swallow it straight away, don't let it mixed with saliva to digest any carbohydrates in the food. Eat it twice a day between 8 to 9 hour interval and at equal amounts.

Two cooking pans, in this way, protects the food from the high heat under the base of the larger pan. Normal boiling food also carcinogenic I believe.

Low carbohydrate spices

thyme, basil, coriander, tarragon, mint, cinnamon, and ginger

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