It has been said: "You are not ill, you are thirsty".

When it comes to cancer, a fully hydrated body serves two purposes: first it makes our immune system very strong to fight any infection like cancer, our immune system uses a lot of water, and secondly detoxify each cell of our body to become a lot healthier and disease, like cancer, resistant. So a fully hydrated body creates two combined forces, the immune system and healthy cells, to stop cancer to move to healthy cells or tissues. This simply imprisons cancerous tumour inside a strong barrier to stop it and gradually strangles it to death.

Rules of drinking water:

1-As a guide the patient needs to drink around 0.04 litre of water per each kilograms weight of his/her body daily at regular times. I am 60.00Kg in weight and drink 60 x 0.04 = 2.40 litres daily at 4 regular intervals, early morning before my breakfast, around 10.00am, 3.00pm and 9.00pm. Each time I drink 2.40/4 = 0.60 litre of water each time.

Please check the attached table to find the real healthy weight of the patient against his/her height. If the patient is over weight, ignore extra weight, and provide him/her an amount of water based on his/her real healthy weight. If under weight, use the actual weight to find out how much water s/he needs to drink/day.

2- The patient has to drink his/her water at least half hour before his/her meals.

3- The water has to be made warm to a temperature of at least 40.00 Celsius or as high as the patient can tolerate it. I tolerate upto 57C. Each temperature rise of drinking water, above temperature of the patient, strengthens her/his immune system by 30%. 

4- It is advised that tap water to be used for the drinking. The tap water first has to be filtered, boiled and kept inside glass jar.

5- Two glass jars may be used so that the patient always has access to one of them, which is at room temperature.

6- The glass jars have to be closed air tight.

7- The water has to be rewarmed each time.

8- The more the patient urinate, the better and healthier it is.

9- Diuretics may be used to increase urination.

10- A cup of strong coffee, which is very diuretic, can be poured into the water inside glass jars for a days use. A bit of caffeine doesn't harm. Actually it has health benefits.

11- Alternatively use diuretic vegetables like mints for examine. Leaves it over night in the water so that diuretic compounds diffuse into the water. First soak the vegs in vinegar or salty water for a few minutes. After that wash it and add it to the water inside the jars.

By keeping the body of the patient always fully hydrated, all his/her 4 to 6 trillion cells of her/his body cleansed daily, which is very important for a cancer patient. The body also loses minerals. The patient is going to pass a lot of water as urine. The urine has to be a bit yellow like straw. If urine has become lighter than straw colour, add some sea salt to the water each time before drunken. The patient needs urinate into a container always to see the colour of urine.