Oxygenating the body

To support body oxygenation, the patient may be given high quality iron and vitamins B2 and C supplements on empty stomach . A mega dose like 25g of vitamin C may be injected. Non-haem iron and vitamins B2 and C supplements can be taken on empty stomach. Vitamin C completely bioavailable. Empty stomach and vitamin C increases iron bioavailability. Vitamin B2 needed for iron absorption and bioavailable on empty stomach. Blood test may be required to check all iron-related levels in the body.

Body oxygenation has a strong power against cancer. Healthy cells thrive in a rich-oxygenated body but cancer cells can not. According to an expert view the prime cause of cancer is the lack of oxygen to cells. So oxygenated healthy cells are immune from cancerous cells. In other words if the body of a cancer patient kept oxygenated enough it will stop cancer to infect any other healthy parts of the body.

The easiest and cheapest way to oxygenate your body is by abdominal breathing. It involves breathing in through your nose slowly, while doing that, you also expand your stomach as much as you can. After that you breathe out at a slower rate.. The advantage of slow abdominal breathing is that it expands your lungs to the full capacity with fresh air and out-hales a lot more CO2. This causes increased detoxification and oxygenation, which boosts immune system and improves blood and lymph fluid circulation.

As well as it boosts body activities and functions, which prevent your temperature to become less than the normal temperature, 37C. This is a sure guarantee to fight cancer which is active at a lower temperature of 35C. Abdominal breathing has more anti-cancer properties. It also brings a sense of relaxation and controlling stress all over the body. Abdominal breathing also massages digestive system, this improves digestion and the health of digestive system. It also strengthens the immune system. Over 50% of the immune system located in digestive system

One can make abdominal breathing as normal with a simple training technique by controlling chest movement to force abdominal movement during breathing. To do that put a belt around your chest and tighten it reasonably. After that start training by breathing in and out slowly through your nose. As you do that concentrate to use your abdomen to breath in and out. The exercise may be done for five to ten minute. Alternatively, if the belt doesn't cause discomfort it may be left on your chest during day time until abdominal breathing becomes normal. The use of belt in the case of cancer patients, may not be comfortble.

It is important for the cancer patient to breathe fresh warm air always. This can be achieved in many ways. One way is for the patient to live in two or more rooms, a few hours in each. After the patient leaves a room, it can be ventilated and fresh warm air drawn in. The room, and the air inside it, can be kept warm with radiators or electric heaters. If only one room available and electric fan heater can be used to inject fresh and warm air into the room always none stop. It is also recommended to purify and ionise the air inside the room of the cancer patient with the use of air purifiers and negative ionisers.

The patient may use breathing oxygen Her/his environment may be filled with breathing oxygen.