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I have been investigating healthy diets since late 2011 when I was infested with deadly diseases like kidney issues, being overweight and knee arthritis. By the end of 2012, I recovered from most diseases. My weight in 6 months reduced from 85.00kgs to around 60.00 kgs. My height is 162.00cm. 60.00kg/162cm is a healthy weight . I am still around 60.00kg since 2011. Please visit my website at www.2move.me.uk to see what I followed to recover from deadly diseases.

I have just finished my second year of studying natural healing medicine with the College of Naturopathic Medicine, CNM, and preparing to start my final third year. During these two years with the CNM, I have learnt a lot more about naturally healing diseases with the right healthy diets and life style.

To support you to keep your health optimal or recover from any health issues, I provide you with my personal gained knowledge since 2011 in theory and application, my gained knowledge from CNM and proven practical works of other naturopathic healing expert practioners, who handled diseases which other couldn't cure.

I provide this free consultation to support my third year study, which is mostly practical. In addition to my gained natural healing knowledges, I investigate proven applied practical works of long term workings of expert natural healers to provide my free consultation, which is as practical as face to face consultation.

These practices will widen my natural healing experiences for my practical work after my gradation next year. I expect to earn a high class income from my consultations. For this, I must obtain excellent natural healing experience.

The demand is high and increasing because natural healing has the potential to cure diseases others couldn't. Moreover people are realising natural healing is safer and healthier than chemically formulated pharmaceutical medicines with a lot of severe side effects.

Why naturopathic medicine may heal diseases that others couldn't? It is easy because all diseases caused by wrong diet and life style cultures, which make the body too weak to resist infections. Naturopathic medicine corrects diet and life style cultures to make the body more than strong enough to protect itself or recover from diseases. It is as simple as that.

Please download naturopathic assessment form, fill it and send it back to: tomove@hotmail.co.uk

The naturopathic assessment form is in editable pdf file. Please down load it and save it to any proper place. To write to it, move mouse pointer upward. A horizontal list opens on the top. Click on [T] sign on the middle left side. After that you can write into the pdf file. When you save it, a small popup appears on the right top corner with name of the file, "keep" and a pointer pointing to the right, click on the "Keep". Please take your time to fill the form. It may need between one to two hours. This is in addition to five days of dietary records. If any issue developed with the form, please send an email to tomove@hotmail.co.uk with your email to send you a form in normal texts, which is in Apache free document text. You may consider to down load it. It is free and as good as other costly text software.

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You could cure diseases others couldn't and earn a high class income.

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