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Nerissa recipe to recover from cancer

This recipe works in most cases especially it can cure worst cases of cancer. It will, at least, control the tumour becoming worst. This prolongs the life of the patient and improves the quality of his or her life. This recipe makes cancer like a man, without water, lost in a hot desert.

How to Starve Cancer to Death

This recipe should be applied strictly 100% to recover from any type of cancer. It has to be used in parallel to the medication, if the patient is on medication, with the knowledge of patient's doctor or GP. If the cancer patient has been put on diet restriction, before using this recipe on him or her, the approval of patient's doctor has to be obtained first. If medical treatment has not helped this recipe must be used strictly as the last resort. It works like a miracle.

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The ingredients of this recipe are made up of: 1- temperature, 2-water, 3- breathing, 4-raw food like fruits and vegetables, 5-colon washing, 6-saliva, and 7-happy mood. These ingredients, when combined, create three cancer fighting forces, they super charge the immune system by hundreds of times, they convert the body to an environment unbearable by cancer and the whole body becomes healthier and disease resistant. When all these three forces combine, they control and stop the cancer becoming worst. After that the cancer gradually dies out.

Recommended tools for this recipe: large enough boiling kittle, thermometer, cling film, liquidiser/smoothie maker/juicer, blood pressure monitor, salad plates, enema kit, large enough saucepan with flat cover, fruit and vegetable washing basket. Room ionisers and air purifiers, tap water filter, a computer any type, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil maker machine, coffee pot, music system, tv, well-furnished room, water jug with clearly marked volume in litres, a clock. a sensitive scale. bath tab with temperature regulator. Most of these tools are optional but some of them like thermometer and enema kit must be available.

The logic of this recipe is based on at least seven years research, which started at the end of 2010 after my wife, Nerissa, diagnosed with cancer. I have named the recipe in her memory. She passed away because of lung and liver cancer. I offered one of my lungs and half of my liver to save her but doctors refused it because it was too late. I was ready to take the chance but they still refused it. She was a pretty elegant lady from Philipine.


Let any cancer patient to live in a sauna to recover from cancer

According to a source with 40 year experience; cancer can hit us only when our temperature falls to as low as 35C.  According to another source; cancer creeps or spreads at night. This is not surprising because we are sleeping at night and when we are sleeping our temperature becomes lower because most of our body activities and functions slows down or stops to rest. Simply when our temperature becomes lower, our immune system becomes weaker against cancer. But higher temperature makes our immune system stronger. Normal human temperature is 37.00 Celsius but when we have fever, for example, our temperature becomes higher to 38.00 Celsius to help our immune system. Higher body temperature makes immune system stronger. Hospital treatment against cancer, mainly involves heating the tumour to kill cancer cells with high tech equipment.

To exploit temperature property against cancer, the temperature of a cancer patient, has to be kept at least 37.00 Celsius or higher always. The temperature of his or her environment, sleeping and sitting rooms, has to be as high as s/he can bear it always days and nights. All the foods s/he eats needs to have a temperature of at least 40.00 Celsius but not over 45.00 Celsius. The water s/he drinks must have a temperature of at least 40 Celsius or as high as s/he can tolerate it. When we come to the food and water, we discuss their temperature further.

The environment like sitting, sleeping and bathroom rooms, of the patient has to be kept at a tolerable high temperature always days and nights. For this, a thermostat-controlled central heating or electric heaters can be used. The bed of the patient also has to be kept warm as high as the patient can tolerate it. Electric blankets and hot water bottles can be used for this purpose. The places, where the patient sits and rests, also need to be kept warm enough to tolerable warmth. Electric blankets and hot water bottles can be used for this purpose. The patient needs to rest always and avoid physical activities except slow and easy walking. If s/he has to go out s/he must wear clothes enough to stop the heat escaping from his/her body.

It is recommended that the patient to have a bath tab in his/her room, which is his/her sitting and sleeping room too. The room and the bath tab needs a temperature control or regulator to keep the temperature high to a tolerable level. The patient can stay or sleep in the bath tab for long hours. The bath tab needs to have head supports to keep the head of the patient always over water especially if he falls asleep in the bath tab.

Before treatment starts, take the weight of the patient while wearing only a bath robe and record it. The patient may sweat a lot especially when s/he stays in the bath tab for long times. Each time the patient comes out of the bath and once each evening, take his/her weight. If his/her weight is less than the weight before treatment, the patient will have to drink an amount of warm water to recover his/her weight before treatment. This is in addition to his/her daily regular water drinking.


"You are not ill, you are thirsty". This was coined by a doctor in prison with hundreds of political prisoners, most of them were ill. As a doctor, he saw it was his duty to treat them but couldn't get any medicine. Out of the blue the idea of water, as medicine, came to him. He advised all prisoners, ill or not, to drink a lot of water. After that soon every one recovered and the rest felt a lot healthier. So what was the secret? The prisoners' immune system had gone very weak because their body was dehydrated. This is because our immune system uses a lot of water every second in our life time to immunise our body against diseases. After prisoners drank a lot of water, their immune system recovered and cured each ill prisoner and made the rest healthier.

Accordingly, when it comes to cancer, a fully hydrated body serves two purposes: first it makes our immune system very strong to fight any infection like cancer, and, detoxify each cell of our body to become a lot healthier and disease, like cancer, resistant. So a fully hydrated body creates two combined forces, the immune system and healthy cells, to stop cancer to move to healthy cells or tissues. This simply imprisons cancerous tumour inside a strong barrier to stop it and gradually strangles it to death.

Rules of drinking water:

1-As a guide the patient needs to drink around 0.04 litre of water per each kilograms weight of his/her body daily at regular times. I am 60.00Kg in weight and drink 60 x 0.04 = 2.40 litres daily at 4 regular intervals, early morning before my breakfast, around 10.00am, 3.00pm and 9.00pm. Each time I drink 2.40/4 = 0.60 litre of water each time.

2- The patient has to drink his/her water at least half hour before his/her meals.

3- The water has to be made warm to a temperature of at least 40.00 Celsius or as high as the patient can tolerate it. Each temperature rise of drinking water, above temperature of the patient, strengthens her/his immune system by 30%. 

4- It is advised that tap water to be used for the drinking. The tap water first has to be filtered before used for drinking.

By keeping the body of the patient always fully hydrated, all his/her 4 to 6 trillion cells of her/his body cleansed daily, which is very important for a cancer patient. The body also loses minerals. The patient is going to pass a lot of water as urine. The urine has to be a bit yellow like straw. If urine has become lighter than straw colour, add some sea salt to the water each time before drunken. The patient needs urinate into a container always to see the colour of urine.

3- Breathing

Body oxygenation has a strong power against cancer. Healthy cells thrive in a rich-oxygenated body but cancer cells can not. According to an expert view is that the prime cause of cancer is the lack of oxygen to cells. So oxygenated healthy cells are immune from cancerous cells. In other words if the body of a cancer patient kept oxygenated enough it will stop cancer to infect any other healthy parts of the body.

The easiest and cheapest way to oxygenate your body is by abdominal breathing. It involves breathing in through your nose slowly, while doing that, you also expand your stomach as much as you can. After that you breathe out at a slower rate through the nose again. The advantage of slow abdominal breathing is that it expands your lungs to the full capacity with fresh air and out-hales a lot more CO2. This causes increased detoxification and oxygenation, which boosts immune system and improves blood and lymph fluid circulation. As well as it boosts body activities and functions, which prevent your temperature to become less than the normal temperature, which is 37C. This is a sure guarantee to fight cancer which is active at a lower temperature of 35C. Abdominal breathing has more anti-cancer properties. It also brings a sense of relaxation and controlling stress all over the body. Abdominal breathing also massages digestive system, this improves digestion and the health of digestive system.

One can make abdominal breathing as normal with a simple training technique by controlling chest movement to force abdominal movement during breathing. To do that put a belt around your chest and tighten it reasonably. After that start training by breathing in and out slowly through your nose. As you do that concentrate to use your abdomen to breath in and out. The exercise may be done for five to ten minute. Alternatively, if the belt doesn't cause discomfort it may be left on your chest during day time until abdominal breathing becomes normal.

It is important for the cancer patient to breathe fresh warm air always. This can be achieved in many ways. One way is for the patient to live in two or more rooms, a few hours in each. After the patient leaves a room, it can be ventilated and fresh air drawn in. The room, and the air inside it, can be kept warm with radiators or electric heaters. If only one room available and electric fan heater can be used to inject fresh and warm air into the room always none stop. It is also recommended to purify and ionise the air inside the room of the cancer patient with the use of air purifiers and negative ionisers.

4- Raw Food

Strictly a cancer patient has to diet only on fresh, raw and warmed fruits and vegetables. The cancer patient has to eat as much as s/he can. The principle idea of a strict fruit and vegetable diet is to keep the immune system super-charged. Fresh raw fruits and vegetables have enzymes, without which the immune system cannot work and the rest of living activity stops. One of the reasons, we become ill, is because of enzyme shortages. When there are enzymes shortages, whatever enzymes available, are prioritised. Brain has the first priority and the skin has the last. When enzymes are prioritised, the immune system leaves some body organs unprotected. These unprotected body organs become in danger of getting diseases including cancer. So the body of a cancer patient has to be full of enzymes always so that his or her immune system can take care of all parts of the body especially the infected parts.

Guidelines of cancer patient dieting:

1-To keep the immune system of a cancer patient always super-charged, s/he has to eat as much as s/he can. It is recommended that the patient eats a meal each four hours or at least four meals a day.

2- Each raw meal has to be warmed up in warm water. To prepare warm water for this purpose, first boil the water in the kittle. This is to get rid of the air, which has oxygen. Air in the water oxidises the food. After a minute of boiling, put the kittle under cold tap water to cool it down to 45 Celsius or less. It is important to cool it down with cold water as quickly as possible by shaking the kittle. After that pour it on the meal, which should be in saucepan with a flat cover. The water level should cover the food and reach the edge of the saucepan. The saucepan needs to have a flat cover. This is to minimise the gap, which has air, between the cover and water level. Leave the food in the water for about ten minutes. After that drain it and consume it.

Warning: Enzymes stand heat up to 48.00 Celsius. Enzymes exposed to temperatures over 48.00C become useless. As a safe measure, always warm up fruits and vegetable in water with a temperature not more than 45.00C.

3- The patient has to drink at least 0.01 litre of warm water per each Kilo gram weight of his/her body at least half hours before the meal. I am 60 kg of weight. So I drink 60kg times 0.01 litres of water, which equals 0.60 litres of warm water half hours before each of my meals. The temperature of the water has to be at least 40.00C or as high as the patient can bear it.

4- The patient has to chew the meal until liquidised in his/her mouth.

5-The patient has to take coffee enema, colon washing,around two and half hours after each second meal. That is two times at least each day. We will come to colon washing later.

6- The patient must not drink anything with his/her meal.

Pure juice meal

As stated that a patient has to eat at least four large meals of fresh fruits and vegetables each day. It is recommended that two of the meals to be made from pure juice of fresh fruits and vegetable. High pressure juicers may be used. The juicer has to be at the same temperature of warmed fresh fruits and vegetables' Only warmed fresh fruits and vegetables have to be juiced. Any juice left after each meal, must not be kept for another meal. it has to be disposed. A meal of pure juice has to be consumed immediately after ingredients juiced.

Daily routine of the meal of the patient to start like this as a guide:
5:30am- The patient to drink 0.01 litre of water/kg weight of his her body,
6:00am-The patient to chew chewing gum for around 10 minutes'
6:10am- a meal of pure juice made from warm fresh fruits and vegetables followed immediately by chewing chewing gum for around 10 minutes,
9:30-The patient to drink 0.01 litre of water/kg weight of his her body,
10:am- a meal of warm and solid fresh fruits and vegetables followed immediately by chewing chewing gum for around 10 minutes,
12:00am-The patient to drink 0.01 litre of water/kg weight of his her body,
12:30pm Coffee enema,
1:50pm- The patient to chew chewing gum for around 10 minutes
2:00pm a meal of pure juice followed immediately by chewing chewing gum for around 10 minutes,
5:30pm-The patient to drink 0.01 litre of water/kg weight of his her body,
6:00pm a meal of warm and solid fresh fruits and vegetables followed by chewing chewing gum for around 10 minutes
8:00pm- The patient to drink 0.01 litre of water/kg weight of his her body,
8:30pm Coffee enema.

In experiments, the followings fruits and vegetables proved to be most potent against different types of cancer. But the most powerful ones are garlic and ginger.

Broccoli, Kale, blueberries, strawberries, garlic, Ginger, graviola, pineapple, apple, Grapes, watermelon, Banana, Citrus fruits like lemon, Black burry, Kiwi, leeks, Yellow and green onions, cauliflower, pomegranates, tomatoes, oranges, bitter lemon.

The idea of this recipe is to super charge the immune system with raw fruits and vegetables. So each of the above fresh raw fruits and vegetables can do the job very well. But it is a good idea if each patient eats the type of raw fruit and vegetable good to cure his/her disease type. This is something can be found online easily.

It is more enjoyable to make a meal made up of a selection of three or more fruits and vegetables, cut to small pieces and enhanced with a bit of sea or rock salt and cold-obtained extra virgin olive oil. In addition of that, each meal should contain a generous amount of garlic or ginger. It may be a good idea if garlic added to the first daily meal, ginger can be added to the next meal, garlic to the third meal and ginger to the fourth meal.

More about garlic, ginger and cold obtained extra virgin olive oil.

When it comes to garlic, it has to be crushed and left about 15 minutes before consumption. Fresh raw garlic and ginger are not easy to chew. But each can be made smoothie together with a fruit or vegetable. Then the smoothie can be added and mixed with the rest of the meal.

Cold-obtained extra virgin olive oil can have strong anti-cancer properties if it is not out of date. Check the dates. If older than 6 months ignore it. On the other hand one can make home-made cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil with hand-operated or automatic machine. If automatic machine used, it must be the one that does not raise the temperature of the oil above 45.00C. Use unpitted smooth skin green olives. Keep the oil in a fridge and use it within a day.

Shopping for fruits and vegetables

Shop for your fruits and vegetables in super markets because they always have new freshly picked fruits and vegetable, if possible buy organic ones. Check the dates; buy the ones, vey new with long time to go to become out of date. Strictly avoid buying cut fruits and vegetables. When preparing fruits and vegetable, cut and dispose any cut parts, wash them well with filtered tap water. Strictly cancer patients must not eat their food leftover cut fruits and vegetables for next meal. Some fruits like water melon can not be eaten in one go. For water melon, cut it to equal manageable parts, which can be eaten in one go. Wrap each other parts separately in cling films and leave them in a fridge. Depressuriser fruit dehydrator can be used to dehydrate water melon to help to eat more.

Please note that any inexpensive green vegetable can be used alone as long as it is green as raw food.


Cancer patients and their carers are advised to do research online on anti-cancer properties of fruits and vegetables. Firefox, yahoo or google can be used. Just put this phrase in the search box of any one of them: Anti-cancer property of apple. This is as an example. Instead of apple in this example the name of any other fruit or vegetable can be used.

5-Coffee Enema to Conquer Cancer, colon washing.

Coffee enema is an important means to cleanse the colon to cure and protect from all diseases especially cancer. A lot of clinics use it to help cancer patient to recover from cancer. Coffee enema involves injecting coffee into the colon through the anus and holding it inside for about 15 minutes. Read the following quote from a scientific source to see how useful is coffee enema against cancer:

"Coffee Enemas cause dilation of bile ducts, which facilitates excretion of toxic cancer breakdown products by the liver and dialysis of toxic products from blood across the colonic wall".

Coffee enema cleanses colon, liver, blood and strengthens immune system by as much as 700%. Liver like kidney also filters blood from toxins, which discharged through bile duct. Coffee enema widens bile duct a lot. This helps a lot more toxins discharged from blood and liver. Additionally coffee enema causes the increased production of a certain enzyme, used by our immune system, by as much as 700%.

Colon washing is known as Enema and has been around since biblical times. You simply inject an amount  of water into your colon from your back. After a while you go to toilet to discharge everything . That is the basic idea and how it has been done since ancient times but today we do what is known as Coffee Enema. Yes, you guessed it right; you inject coffee into your colon from your back.

But why coffee? Because coffee not only detoxes your colon, it also detoxes your liver to increase liver immune power by multiple times. This is because coffee enema widens the bile pipe between liver and digestive system. This causes more bile to flow from liver to digestive system. Bile is a liquid, causes a healthy digestion and neutralises toxins and waste products, which leads to a healthy mind, body and digestive system. Even if one has a serious disease, the probability is very high that coffee enema can cure it in parallel to the use prescribed medication. Some clinics use coffee enema extensively to cure cancer especially colon cancer.

To do coffee enema, first do water enema to cleanse the colon, after that you do coffee enema. But before everything else, one has to go to the bath to try to empty his or her bowel. It is advised to keep each one inside for a fair amount of time, at least ten minutes. Do your coffee enema twice daily three hours after each second meal. It is very important to hydrate your body fully first to prevent enema liquid absorbed into your body. Try to drink 0.011 litre of water per each kilogram of your weight. I am 65.00kg in weight and drink 65 times 0.011 = 0.70 litres of water before my enema by at least half hour.

 To do coffee enema you need enema kit made up of a water container, may be like hot water bottle, and a tube. You fill the water container and fit the tube to it tight. After that you hang the water container upside down at a place higher than the place, where you lay down on your back on a bed. After that you insert the free end of the tube to your back. Lubricate the end of the tube and your anus with organic oil to make it easy for the tube to go into the anus without causing pain. But before that, the patient is advised to go to toilet to empty his/her bowel.

At the beginning, the patient first needs to do filtered tap water enema with warm water around 40.00C. The temperature has to be higher than the temperature of patient. The patient may need to do water enema two or three times one after another to cleanse his/her colon. After filtered tap water enema the patient does coffee enema twice daily. The patient needs to be near toilet and have a bucket beside him/her. S/he also needs to have a lot of tissues near him/her.

The procedures to do coffee enema:

1-Do the coffee enema twice daily about three hours after your second meal. Each time begin by wearing only a bath robe.

2-Drink 0.011 litre of warm water per each kilogram of your weight at least half hour before the enema.

3- Make a clock, a bucket, tissues and some organic oil available at the place of enema.

4- Boil an amount of water and make coffee in a coffee pot and leave it. Use organic coffee if it is possible and use a large table spoon of coffee.

5-Mix an amount of hot water with cold water to bring the temperature down to around 40.00C or less. The temperature has to be higher than the temperature of the patient but has to be at a comfortably tolerable temperature.

6- Add an amount of the water from No: 5 above to enema kit water container. This amount of water needs to be around 0.01 litre of water per each kilogram weight of the body of the patient. If the weight of the body is 60.00kg, for example, the amount of the water has to be 60 x 0.01 = 0.60 litres of water. But it is recommended that this amount of water shouldn't exceed one litres for any body weight.

7-Hang water container at a place higher than the place, where the patient has to laydown. Keep the end of the tube higher than the water container.

8-Close the end of the tube with your thumb and lower it down. Let some water flows into the bucket to get rid of the air in the tube and then close the tube with your thumb again.

9-While standing, lubricate the end of the tube and anus and insert the tube into the anus gently.

10-Laydown on the back and let water flows into the colon.

11- When all the water flows into the colon, remove the tube and let whatever water left flows into the bucket.

12-Check the clock to keep the time.

13- Start gently massaging your belly in anti-clockwise motion for at least 10 minutes.

14-After 10 minutes or more, go to toilet to discharge the water. You may have to discharge the water in the bucket in the room before the 10 minute time. Repeat water enema one or two times more until clean water comes out of anus.

15-Filter the coffee and add to it cold filtered tab water to bring its temperature down to the temperature of water at No 5 above.

16-Follow the rest of procedures from 5 to 14. Repeat the same procedures to do coffee enema each time.

17-clean your enema kit after each use.

18-Rest and prepare for your next meal.

19- You don't need to drink more water before next meal after coffee enema.

6- Saliva

Our saliva is a digestive and immune booster enzyme. As immune booster, our saliva protects digestive system, makes it healthier and boosts intestinal good micro-organism, which in turn boosts the immune system further. Good intestinal micro-organisms are the third source of enzymes, without witch the immune system and the rest of living activities stops. Good intestinal micro-organisms supply the immune system with high quality enzymes. As our saliva protects and makes our digestive system healthy, our immune system becomes a lot stronger because as much as 60% of our immune system made up of our digestive system. A healthy digestive system with high quantity of healthy good intestinal micro-organisms leads to a strong well-being of the health of all the body cells to become resistant against cancer and a barrier against cancer to infect healthy cells.

Exploiting the power of our saliva requires chewing food a lot. We have to chew a lot each bite of each of our meals until the food in the mouth liquidised. The source of saliva is under our tongue. As we chew, we have to use our tongue to draw out saliva under our tongue to mix it with food in our mouth. Chewing a lot uses a lot of water from the body. This dehydrates the body because saliva cannot be recycled as water inside our body. That is way it is important to hydrate the body before each meal. This explained in section 2 about water.

When we chew a lot our saliva digests all carbohydrates in the mouth. It also digests the bad oil, trans fatty acids, to a degree. Fruits and vegetables mostly made up of carbohydrates and good oils. By chewing a lot they all get digested in the mouth. This has another important advantage. It make colon a lot healthier. According to a long term research, the cause of all types of cancer comes from the colon because of undigested food in the colon and diseased colon. This is because undigested food decomposes in the colon and creates a massive amount of free radicals, which can cause DNA damage to cause cancer.

In summary by chewing a lot, a massive amount of saliva send to our digestive system. This boosts the immune system and digestive system, which in turn boosts the immune system further as the digestive system provides more than half of the immune system. Additionally, it relieves the immune system to take care of colon as the colon becomes healthy because of a lot of saliva. Usually unhealthy colon with undigested food takes a massive amount of immune system energy to neutralise free radicals from the colon. A healthy colon frees a large amount of immune system to take care against other serious infections like cancer.

Chewing chewing gum can be used to produce and send more saliva to the digestive system. But strictly the chewing gum has to be organic, natural, the product of organic forest like rain forest and without any additive. Chewing chewing gum should be done immediately after each meal for about 10 minutes for solid meals and 20 minutes for juice meals. Used chewing gums have to be disposed, can not be reused.

7-happy mood

It is vitally important to keep the patient in a happy mood always. The patient has to be protected from distress with any possible means at any cost. Distress creates a massive amount of toxins, Free Radicals, in the body and degrades the immune system. Don’t let anything demoralise and let the patient down. Let the patient always be very hopeful, positive and optimistic.

 Enjoyment boosts health and immune system. Let the patient to enjoy life, laugh, dance gently, listen to music, be friendly to everyone and learn to meditate to overcome all his/her situation. Encourage the patient to take a hobby like learning music and create long term purposes to achieve like what do after complete recovery.   Laughter, love, joy, gentle dancing, listening to music and happiness stimulate the body to generate enzymes, which are the raw material of the immune system to fight diseases. The abundance of Enzymes makes the immune system very strong to fight diseases.

Keeping the patient happy, stress free, motivated, has faith in her/himself is healthy and detoxifies the body. The following very short story reflects the faith and motivation of a man to get a wife within a culture, which strictly prohibits both sexes, have any contact before marriage:

A young man went to the father of a young girl to ask her hand. The father agreed provided the young man could stay outside fully naked in a freezing night in the middle of the winter. He agreed. In the middle of the winter in one of the coldest freezing nights, he stayed out fully naked from evening to the morning. Late in the morning, he knocked the door of the father with presents to get his dream girl. The father didn't believe his eyes. He asked the young man how he managed to stay alive. He replied because he got warmth from the fire of the oilfield beside the neighbouring village, which was miles away from him.

This story may be fictional but in real life things strangers than this could happen with faith and motivation and will power. So let the patient to develop a strong desire for life, to be happy, healthy, younger looking and have a lot of stamina. It works like a miracle.

When the patient is stress free one of her/his unconscious nerve system part takes over. This nerve system stimulates the motion of rest and digest or feed and breed, which makes the patient feel healthy physically and secure psychologically. It is advised to raise the romantic desire of the patient with any possible means. But the patient should avoid any courtship, which takes a lot of energy. This energy needed for the healing of the disease. Romantic desires create a lust for life for the patient. For this purpose, fruits and vegetables with aphrodisiac properties can be added to the meal of the patent.

The room of the patient has to be provided with comfortable sleeping and sitting places, away from noises and easy access to washing and the bath. The room has to have a fairly large screen tv and a good music system. It also has to have air ioniser and purifier. It has to be specious enough for the patient to move, do his or her hobbies and meet people. Family and friends of the patient are encouraged to be with the patient for support and moral boosting whenever possible and as long as it is possible.

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